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We can put up a sailcloth marquee for a small intimate dinner party for 12 guests with beautiful lighting, furniture, and décor.

We can do a sailcloth marquee for up to 1000 guests.   Having lots of kit in various widths and lengths, we can also join different marquees together in a pod system to allow for extra people.

We have lots of different styles and shapes of sailcloth marquees.   We can recommend the best one to fit into an awkward or small garden because we have so many different styles and lengths.

Some of our sailcloth tents are round marquees which are completely circular.  We also have round ended marquees which have the semi-circles at both ends with a straight bit in the middle to give extra space. Have a look on our layouts on our website and it will show the difference between the two.

Yes, all of our Wigwam Marquees are made from cream canvas heavy duty manufactured in the UK which is waterproof.

Yes, it is easy to completely fold back the walls of our canvas marquees.  The walls will be delivered with the marquee and are included in the cost, and it is very easy to fold them back when needed during the weekend.


Yes, we can put up our traditional cream canvas marquees all year round with cosy heaters. Often we will recommend to have solid flooring and carpet throughout in the winter months.

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