A simple explanation between the difference of the Rounds and Round Ended marquees


Our Wigwam Round cream canvas marquees are a beautiful completely circular shape with one central King Pole in the exact middle of the marquee. Here are some of our individual case studies where we have put up ROUND (either massive or small) traditional cream canvas marquees as part of a wedding or party marquee hire in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire or Kent. Here at Wigwam we get very involved with our customers and the following examples are some of our absolute favourites over the last few summers showing the round canvas marquees and how flexible they can be. If you have a round Wigwam marquee the high sided walls means you have a practical space all of which is useable without crashing your head into any of the structure all day! There are no slanty poles to get in the way, just an upright Kingpole in the middle of the marquee.

Round Ended

Our Wigwam Round Ended cream canvas marquees are simply the circular shape cut in half with extra King Poles and panels added to give a longer length to the marquee, you still have the lovely round ends but with extra length. We specialise in luxury round ended cream canvas traditional marquees and here are some case studies of recent stunning bespoke party or wedding marquees in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire or Kent. All our marquees are made from bright cream canvas which gives a lovely bright white natural light during the day. If you are after a vintage style marquee these work really well but they also can work as a perfect backdrop for an elegant and contemporary space. We hire out furniture, tables, chairs, dance floors, lighting and heating – everything you need for your event.


We have Wigwams with the pole work on the walls of the teepees so the structural pole work inside does not get in the way of the actual floor space. We manufacture all our own cream canvas marquees and wigwams and here are some recent case studies showing the Wigwams in action for weddings or parties in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire or Kent. Our canvas bespoke Wigwams make an excellent addition to your wedding reception or party, a fantastic space for a chill out in the evening, or for children to set up camp during the daytime part of a wedding reception.